market day in Excideuil


Market day in Excideuil and, like last Thursday, absolutely pouring. Not a very good picture, but I was juggling the parapluie and a shopping bag and trying not to look too much like a wide-eye tourist which I’m sure is exactly how I looked. On market day, people cluster in the middle of the streets, chattering, laughing, calling greetings. From the top of the narrow cobblestone street, a rainbow of umbrellas. The tourist kiosk also blares music-Goldfinger today. Pour quois? No idea. Had a coffee in the cafe and was kissed on both cheeks by the owner, introduced to some other customers. What tourist?
Out in the rain again, bought cauliflower, onions and local cheese and walked back in the rain to Le Pigeonniere. A car skidded to a halt beside me and the driver offered me a lift–I’m assuming that’s what it was. I summoned enough French to politely decline….whatever he was offering. Maintenant, travailler.
By La vie en France

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