Learning French at the Super U

Not very French sounding, but within easy walking distance.    Super Ooo as the locals say.  Probably Supere Oooo.


I walk down there most days, partly  for exercise, but also because I don’t have a car and can’t carry much back at one time.  I consider each visit a French lesson of sorts.   I have learned to shake my head, or say ‘non,’ when the clerk asks if I have a carte de magazine, although if my French improves enough I might apply for one.    I considered showing her my Safeway card, but thought she might not be amused and I wouldn’t know how to tell her I was only joking.   I always try to understand when I’m told the amount of my purchases, but I usually have to cheat and look at the cash register.The food in foreign markets always fascinates me, so I spend quite a bit of time just looking at things in the Super Oooo. There is a lotof duck.  Duck breasts in the meat counter, tins of duck confit, duck mousse, duck rilletes.  I didn’t buy any of it, but the Dordogne is the area for canard–and that’s no lie.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Pineapples are called ananas, actually I already knew that, and parsnips are called panais which I didn’t know.   Today, after a couple of weeks of living off crusty baguettes   slathered with Camembert and an incredible goat cheese that tastes like Camembert, I decided today that along with returning to a normal work routine, I should also try a bit of moderation in the food department.  Laughing Cow cheese, spread onto tortillas was one of my mainstays at home.  Not much luckat Super Ooo with the tortillas, but over in the dairy case what did I spy but that familiar box of . . . well almost familiar.  La Vache qui Rit.   I also needed nail polish remover, but had no luck finding it.  I knew my French wouldn’t extend to asking for it, but as  the clerk was checking out my Vache qui Rit, I noticed her nail polish and figured she’d know.   I pantomimed rubbing off my own chipped polish and she said, “Ah dissolvant!” then she led me straight to it.  I wanted to ask why it was stocked three aisles away from the nail polish, but that’s the sort of question that might have to wait a few months. At the Super Oooo, you can also have your voiture lavee (the 2nd e needs an accent)  buy essence at the 24 hour pump and louer unevoiture which I might do when the novelty of lugging groceries back and forth wears off.>c’est tout pour aujourd’hui

By La vie en France

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