The last time I heard a cuckoo (the feathered kind) was as a girl in England when, if I woke early enough, I could lie in bed and listen to what we called the dawn chorus. If I was lucky, there would come, amidst all the cheeping and chirping, the clear sound of a cuckoo. On my walk yesterday, through woods bursting with green, birds singing etc., I  suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of a cuckoo. It is the only bird call I know with any degree of certainty.  I realized that I’d been living in Southern California for too long when my first thought was to wonder why on earth there was a pedestrian crossing signal in the middle of the woods.

By La vie en France

One comment on “Cuckoo?

  1. This is going to be a wonderful site to see what you are doing, where you are going and have been, and your thoughts in general of living in a foreign country as “a girl on her own”. This is keeping in touch in a really personal way. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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