shhh, she’s back at work . . .

After their come-to-Jesus talk with Janice a few days ago, the characters–Margaret, Gracie, HG and Lukah — of An English Girl are pleased to report that they now have her undivided attention. She has not been lured away by radishes, baguettes, or other Frenchified distractions and has been hard at work. While they were unable to  dissuade her from attending the Thursday market where, reportedly, she oohed and aahed over the buckets of red and pink tulips and garlic braids, she managed to forget her camera so was unable to take pictures which was fortunate since messing around with them takes up a lot of her time.
 Speaking of pictures, Margaret thought you might be interested in these shots of Mussel Cove (it probably looks familiar to those on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula) although she can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind could possibly want to live there. It would be a bit less boring though if Lukah didn’t have to spend all his time fishing. Gracie wants to show you pictures of the living room furniture she’d love to have if only HG would get a job; nice and modern for 1947 and she deserves it what with all all she’s been through.  HG has no comment at this point; he’s been busy whittling bird houses.

By La vie en France

2 comments on “shhh, she’s back at work . . .

  1. Hi Janice,
    Deanna turned me onto your “French” blog. This will make great reading for “Mud Season” in Rangeley. Plus I am between books. With no TV for 5 years, reading has been the nightly entertainment, if not too tired from a day of cross country skiing, dinner, & a couple of glasses of wine. Enjoy your stay, Hugs, Betsy

  2. Hi Betsy, great to hear from you. I can’t promise the blog will fall into the Fifty Shades of Gray category of reading entertainment or anywhere close, but if you’re suffering from insomnia, it might help. Best, Janice

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