@#$%&*! Internet

This post was going to be all sunshine and springtime, the lilac and wisteria blooming and birds singing and how wonderful everything was (actually still is) but for the last couple of days the internet has been absolutely driving me crazy.

At the moment, I’m working on my MacBook, which is positioned in such a way–sort of catercorner to the window–to allow the signal to better reach the computer, or so I think. Clearly, my grasp of this sort of thing is  vague at best.   This requires me to sit at an odd angle and could give me a backache if I had to stay in that position for very long.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, this only works for so long.  The signal disappears, I get a message warning me that I’m no longer on line and the whole shifting process begins all over again.  Would it work better this way?  That way?  A little to the left? A little to the right?  Yesterday, nothing worked. Five seconds of signal then zip, I’m incommunicado.

Even on good days, things are erratic. Sometimes I can get a signal on the iPad, but not on the MacBook, sometimes the other way around.  At the moment the iPad is refusing to go on-line, but, fingers crossed (which makes it difficult to write) the MacBook is working.  Sometimes in the wee hours when I can’t sleep, I lie in bed in the Pigeonniere loft and read on the iPad or, a guarantee that I’ll never sleep, check e-mail.  Some nights the signal is very strong and I cyber chat back and forth until the connection is lost–unless I sit bolt upright in bed, arms extended, iPad directed at the window where I imagine the signals come flying in much as the pigeons used to.

So, that’s the way it is.  I’ve been in France just over a month now.  In that time, I haven’t seen a TV, driven a car, or spoken on the phone–other than via Skype which, when the internet connection goes out, doesn’t work either.  I haven’t missed TV at all, in fact I don’t think I ever want to have a TV again.  I read a lot more that way.  I only occasionally miss the car when I’m slogging up from Super U with a heavy bag of groceries–the plus to that (no pun intended) is I think I’ve lost weight.  Perhaps I miss the phone a bit, but e-mail is fine.  Except, of course . . . ok, back to the internet.

Yesterday when it wasn’t working, I  told myself it was the perfect opportunity to write.  No distracting pings announcing e-mail; no on-line research, another term for procrastination. I did manage a couple of hours before I absolutely had to check if the internet was back up.  It wasn’t.  By that time it was about five p.m. and my frustration level was so high there seemed little alternative but to pour myself a glass of wine.  So many of my posts seem to end this way . . .

Ok, the next post will be about lilacs and sunshine and birdsong and how much I’m enjoying France because, truly, I am.

By La vie en France

3 comments on “@#$%&*! Internet

  1. Hi Janice,
    We’ve not had TV in almost 5 years and have NOT missed it once! The lack of a cable bill allows me to purchase better wine at the local IGA! Life is GOOD.

  2. Janny, Why does your blog say something like “under the kitchen sink” at the very beginning–not of your writing but in the line below #%!@&*^ INTERNET! title?

  3. Betsy, sorry for the belated response. I was too busy drinking wine and eating baguettes. Good to hear from you though. Spending cable money on good wine sounds like a fine idea.

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