Summer is here. . .

IMG_5664Eighty-one degrees, or about 27 C, as I write this. Sunshine and brilliant blue skies. Last weekend, the vide grenier, which I’d eagerly awaited, was cancelled because of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Instead, I sat in Julie’s bedroom–where she’s confined with a back injury–listening to loud claps of thunder and watching the trees and shrubs shake in the wind. Another friend of Julie’s had arrived and we improvised a picnic. Salads and a roast ordered from the butcher up the street, a polenta that I made with chevre bought at the Saturday market in Gignac. We drank rosé and, after the thunder died down, listened to the drift of piano music. A young neighbor practicing, Julie said.
This morning, I took my straw shopping basket up to the small Thursday market. It’s very small –fish, vegetables, a charcuterie — the vendors all clustered in the shade. By 10:30, the fish was mostly gone, the sweet smell of  melon hung in the air.
I’m beginning to appreciate the thick plaster walls of my apartment. Yesterday, engrossed in my work, I suddenly felt chilled and stopped to make a cup of tea. Outside my window though,  people strolled by in summer clothes through bright patches of sunlight. The day’s heat never really penetrated the walls. Although it works very well now, I wonder how it will be in the colder months. Julie assures me that the heater will be working well by then.
So, exactly two weeks into this new phase of my French adventure but it seems so much longer. Montpeyroux feels comfortable to me, the smallness of village life. This Friday, le passage de la Transhumance.  Sheep will be herded from the warm lowlands to cooler elevations. They will pass directly by my window. Notices are posted all over the village. It is to be something of a celebration. Wine will be served at the mairie.

I continue to enjoy my adventure.


By La vie en France

7 comments on “Summer is here. . .

  1. I so enjoy reading your posts, Janice. It’s almost like you have gone back in time–you will have a period of adjustment when you get back to the states with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So happy you are now enjoying your apartment and adjusting to the simpler things in life. We should all be so lucky.

  2. Hi Janice,

    I agree with my dear sister, Deanna. You are living in a very different world and also having the time of your life. Love reading about your adventures. Reminds me of a mini-series. Keep those posts coming!

  3. Some sisters never agree on anything, so glad you two agree on this! I enjoy writing the blog, there’s always something that captures my attention. I could probably write a new post every day–but then I would never . . .. ok, you know the rest. Clue: starts with finish, ends with book. Damn comes somewhere in the middle

  4. I am enjoying your adventures too. Thank you for sharing them. Saw Marion yesterday at British club and told her this too.

  5. I looked up Montpeyroux on my Europe map. It wasn’t even on there. Had to find it on google maps. So just how small is this village? Also found out that there are three daily busses from Montpelier. I’m starting to plan my trek to see you this fall.

  6. Montpeyroux is realllllly small–maybe 1,000 people. There is bus service into Montpellier and to a few of the villages. I am have use of Julie’s truck too. Looking forward to seeing you!

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