My mum . . .

July 17 is her birthday.  She would have been 101 today.  Strange, bittersweet feeling–the first birthday without her.  She loved receiving cards.  They had to be mailed and she preferred to receive them at least a week before her birthday so that she could put them on the mantlepiece and show visitors.  A picture from last year’s 100th.  Happy birthday, mum.  I love you. Image

By La vie en France

4 comments on “My mum . . .

  1. Dotty was quite a character–we had many laughs with her when we all lived in California. She loved acting, and I think enjoyed actually becoming some of the ladies she portrayed. She is missed by all who knew her. Happy birthday, Dotty!

  2. Hi Janice,

    I only met your Mom as well as her sister, Vera, when you and Joe got marred, but the two of them were quite the team. They gave Deanna and I quite a few laughs. The photo is adorable. She’s probably very pleased that so many will be remembering her today.

    Still enjoying your posts on your French Adventure.

    Happy Everything,

    PS Attended a Bastille Day party in Rangeley on 7/14. Friends had a French Guest/Good Friend, spending some vacation time in Maine, who is a teacher in France.

  3. Hi Betsy, thanks for responding with memories about my mum. Still difficult to believe she’s gone, but her spirit definitely lives on. What did you eat for Bastille Day in Rangely?

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