Catching Up . . .

Seems to be the theme of late.  Yesterday, I saw Margot and Randy and then Barbara off in Montpellier.  Margot and Randy took the train down to Lyon for the night before going on to Paris.  Barbara caught an early flight this morning.  All are now en route back to the United States.  As I write this, it is early afternoon and I’m still in bed, the lap top on my knees.  The apartment seems strangely quiet after the past few weeks.  No appetizing smells wafting from the kitchen, no clink of wine glasses.  No discussions of the next day’s plans.  Things feel ever so slightly strange, a sort of in-between feeling. My visitors are gone and I’m still here in a place that feels like home one minute and exotic and foreign the next. In the village, when we all shopped together (nearly depleting the small wine section in the butcher’s) I felt quite the local as I introduced everyone as “Mes amis des Étas-Unis.”

 Having friends here, making meals, laughing and talking has definitely made the apartment feel more like home.  That and the lamps, scarves,  cushions and plants dotted around.  I’m thinking of  a book called:  Six Scarves, Four  Cushions, Three Plants and It’s Home.  The title might need some work.
I celebrated my actual birthday (Marilla and I had several early celebrations for hers and mine) while Barbara was here. The vide grenier also took place on my birthday and Barbara bought me some Limoges for a ridiculously cheap price neither one of us could believe, made a fabulous risotto for dinner and produced an equally fabulous birthday cake. This year has been so full of experiences that it is difficult to believe that just a year ago I was in Washington packing up my cabin to move to Long Beach.

Nights, and some days too, are definitely getting cooler. The trick, I’m told with these old stone buildings is not to let the walls get too cold, but to keep a low and steady stream of heat. So the approach of my first winter in France and a couple of quiet weeks to catch up on work before Joe arrives for a month and then Bill and Carolyn for Christmas and New Year’s. I can hardly wait!


4 comments on “Catching Up . . .

  1. How wonderful your time has been! And how wonderful mine was, as well! Thanks again. It will take a little time to re-adjust. I worked like a dog the first 3 days back home in UT to catch up on mail, laundry etc and then crashed into a full depression for 2 days. Now back in full swing. You may do the same….just go with the flow!

  2. Hi Janice,

    Happy Be-lated Birthday from Rangeley. Love your blog. Feel like I’m in France too at times.

    Happy Everything,
    Betsy and Bruce too .

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