More Catching Up . . .

I’d originally intended to write at least once a week, more if inspiration struck.  Now I’m struggling to make it once every two weeks. It’s not that I’m not inspired–from the fall displays of cepes, walnuts and pumpkins at the Saturday market in Gignac and rumors of wild boar in the vineyards to my continuing struggle with French, inspiration abounds. But all sorts of things manage to successfully draw my attention away from the computer.
Just over a week ago, I heard Joe’s voice at the door and there he was in his Colorado sweatshirt, overflowing bags, reading material tucked under his arm looking much as he did the last time I saw him seven months earlier.  Then he’d been waving goodbye before driving to Paris for a flight back to California.  This time, he’d driven from Barcelona.  Somehow it didn’t seem all that different from the many times he’d driven from San Diego to see me in Long Beach. As I write this, there is jazz playing, a glass of wine at hand. Chicken and ratatouille cooking for dinner. It’s good to have him back here.
Although I’d read that the French don’t do much in the way of Halloween celebrations, this certainly wasn’t true in and around Montpeyroux.  The guides at the  Maison de la Poterie in St Jean de Fos were dressed as witches, all purple and black hair and warty noses, there were pumpkins and cobwebs (fake!) in the butcher’s window and by ten we’d run out of candy.   If there’s a French equivalent to kids yelling ‘trick or treat,’ I either didn’t hear it or didn’t recognize it.
And now for the really big news. I’d intended to manage without a car in France and perhaps I might have if I were in the city, or even a larger town. It’s difficult in the village without wheels though. Through Survive France, one of the many ex-pat sites that have been god-sends since I arrived, I met Anna who lives in Carcassone and had a car she wanted to sell. Monday, Joe and I drove to her house, about an hour and a half from here, bought the car–a silver 2005 Ford Fusion– and celebrated that night with cassoulet at Carcassonne’s medieval castle. The next day I drove it back to Montpeyroux. Now I’m busy plotting my next adventure. Toulouse beckons. Writing? OK, I’ll get back to it eventually.


2 comments on “More Catching Up . . .

  1. Hi Janice & Joe too,

    Great photo of the 2 of you. Joe is ageless. He never changes! Have great fun together.

    Hugs from the Mountains of Rangeley,


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