Last Post for 2013 . . .

I’d like to write a thoughtful perspective on 2013–almost ten months of it spent in France–but my mind is racing in so many directions.  Carolyn and Bill’s visit has gone in a flash.

We bought gambas, enormous shrimp, in les halles, the quite incredible covered food market in Sete.  Sam cooked them with garlic and lemon for dinner.
Christmas Day was warm and sunny.  Mulled wine and a hike through the vineyards to the ruins above the village.   A couple of days in Spain –Cadaques and the Dali house in Port Lligat and a slow and picturesque return drive along the Costa Brava to Collioure, then back to the autoroute for the final leg.
Yesterday was low key, a visit to neighboring St. Jean de Fos to look at the pottery studios — unfortunately most closed for the holidays, but we found one open and Carolyn bought a dish to add to her travel souvenirs.  Today the Roquefort caves and tonight a New Year’s Eve party at Rebecca’s. In between all the sight seeing, some fabulous meals whipped up by the Calhoun Chef Team.  I stood by, drank wine and provided witty and humorous commentary.

Found a reasonably good air fare and have booked a one way ticket to Seattle for April 14.  By that time I will have been in France just over a year.  My plans at this point are to start looking for a new apartment, still in the Languedoc, but perhaps a slightly larger village, that I can move into in  September.  I’m also looking for a garage where I can store my car and the various odds and ends I’ve collected.  So the verdict on my (almost) year in France?  Let’s go for a second one.

By La vie en France

3 comments on “Last Post for 2013 . . .

  1. It will be lovely to see you again. Remembering the joy of having Caroline and Bill there – well worth a few days of missing them huh! Chin -up and love XX

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