And Now They’re Gone . . .

Dropped them off at Mosson this morning.  They’ll take the train into Paris, then fly back to Seattle on the 4th.  As I write this, I have the  slightly forlorn and wistful feeling that is now familiar.  The anticipation of a visit, the whirlwind of activity and then, in what always seems an unbelievably short time, the goodbye hugs at the station.  I return to an  apartment still filled with the smells of the last shared meal and which  after the talk and laughter and music seems strangely quiet.    The wistfulness  is a little more intense this time and as I write this I feel the sting of tears, but I know too that in a day or so I will have recovered the rhythm of my life here.  I will write and read and work on my French and feel that small thrill of making myself understood in a foreign language.  I’ll walk through the vineyards that I’ve now seen in all seasons and feel centered and incredibly lucky to be having this adventure.

And that night, an e-mail from Paris:

photo-4See you both in April . . . on your side of the pond.


2 comments on “And Now They’re Gone . . .

  1. Hi Janice,

    Happy New Year from Rangeley. It is -9 as I sip my first cup of coffee. Just too cold to ski or snowshoe today. The chimney seems to suck the logs up as they are tossed into our wood stove. Can’t be a wimp and live here in the winter months.

    Glad your daughter and her husband were visiting over the Christmas holiday. They as well as you will probably never forget this special time together. During times like this be thankful for wine.

    Warm hugs from Rangeley,

  2. Thanks Betsy, I thought a posted a reply, but I don’t see it here. It’s raining and a bit chilly here, but thankfully somewhat warmer than your weather in Rangeley. Happy New Year!

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