Feeling nostalgic

The apartment is packed up, my worldly goods, such as they are, stored with various people.  Just took my house plants, half a dozen or so, down to Rebecca’s.  I told  her not to worry too much about them, that they’d be alright with a bit of watering–but a couple of them had just developed new shoots and as I found a shady spot on her terrace for them, I felt like an anxious mother on the first day of kindegarten.  Sitting in her kitchen as she bustled around cooking lunch for the family I remind myself that I’m only  leaving France for a few months, that Montpeyroux isn’t far from my new village, so I’m not really saying goodbye.  Still, this is the end of my first year in France– actually that ended a few weeks ago.  So do I change the name of my blog, A Year in France?  And, if so, to what?  Suggestions welcome.
At the moment, with suitcases and clothes on the bed, my mind on things like my passport, American money, phone service once I get back to the States, I feel almost as though I’ve left already.  I wonder how it will feel to be back in the States after a year away?  To not struggle with the language.  At the moment, as wonderful as it will be to see everyone again, I have no doubt in my mind that I want to continue my adventure in France.   Perhaps that’s the new name for the blog, Adventures In France . . . one year on and counting. I’ll give it some thought.

By La vie en France

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